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Ningbo wanai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in Fuhai Industrial Zone, Cixi City, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, one of the largest home appliance manufacturing centers in the world. It is located in the east of China, near Shanghai in the north and Ningbo in the East. Founded in 1995, the company covers an area of 50000 square meters, with a construction area of more than 30000 square meters.

Company news

  • Moon cake send blessing, love full of Mid Autumn Festival - our company distributes moon cakes to al

    On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival in 2020, in order to make the employees and their families feel the warmth of the company's "big family", the company distributes moon cakes and drinks to all employees, and expresses the festival greetings and good wishes to them on behalf of the company. It is a good tradition of our company to express our sincere concern and care for each employee on the festival, which also represents the company's ardent hope and encouragement for its emp

  • Zhigao refrigerator, your ideal choice

    After decades of market baptism, Zhigao refrigerator has gradually become a well-known brand for women and children. Its outstanding appearance and powerful performance have gradually become the label of the brand. Today, I'd like to introduce you to another refrigerator with high cost performance. Please follow me and have a look!

  • Zhigao refrigerator brings you comfortable life

    Today is the second anniversary of the wedding of Xiaojun and Jianqing. Jianqing has prepared a sumptuous dinner for Xiaojun early. When Xiaojun comes home and sees Jianqing busy, she smiles happily However, there are so many dishes that I can't finish today. Fortunately, this Zhigao refrigerator has solved their worries. This refrigerator adopts 3D cooling new technology, annular refrigeration device, 360 ° lock fresh and unambiguous; double cycle partition refrigeration, refrigeration and refr

  • Zhigao refrigerator, fighter in refrigerator

    When it comes to refrigerators, the brand of Zhigao will flash into your mind. Zhigao brand is already a well-known brand. Its refrigerator can be said to be a fighter in the refrigerator. It not only has a good appearance, but also is impeccable inside. Today, I will introduce you to a retro refrigerator. Retro is a kind of aesthetics, we adhere to the retro elements, simple design, whether it is passionate Chinese red, publicity personality of lemon yellow, or calm and introverted quiet blue,

  • For the rest of my life, I will be a "leisure" wife and good mother

    Since she gave birth to a baby, Xiaojun has become very thin. She not only changes her diapers and feeds her baby, but also mops the floor and washes clothes Busy to turn her, Jianlin is to see in the eyes, is also very distressed. In the blink of an eye, the fifth anniversary of marriage is coming. Jianlin asks his colleagues what brand of washing machine is the best and the most cost-effective. After asking around, she decided to buy a Zhigao washing machine for Xiaojun, so that she could be a

  • The only choice for petty bourgeoisie -- Rongshida freezer

    With the first constant temperature preservation technology and subversive appearance design, Rongshida refrigerator is known as "Oscar in freezer". This model of Rongshida freezer adopts constant temperature preservation technology to reduce temperature difference and lock nutrition; it is equipped with LED blue light, which can clearly illuminate the items, which is convenient for you to take and place; the powerful and efficient compressor does not make any noise; the five gear temp

  • New flying electric fan brings you a cool feeling

    Summer is coming, and the temperature is rising all over the country. As a necessary cooling fan in summer, the electric fan has also ushered in its sales peak season. As consumers pay more attention to the energy-saving, comfort and other performance of small appliances, Xinfei electric fans are particularly popular in Jingdong - demler electric appliance stores. This type of electric fan has wide angle and three-dimensional air supply, 120 ° left and right, 45 ° up and down.

  • New quality starts from beauty

    As the weather gets hotter, people buy tower fans one after another. But what kind of tower fan can the whole family be satisfied with? Dad asked: can't occupy land. Mom asked: save electricity. Husband requirements: beautiful fashion. I ask: the wind is cool. After a long selection, I finally decided to buy this new flying tower fan in Jingdong demler electric appliance store. The "beauty responsibility" of this family of tower fans has the design of safety protection grid, thin and n

  • Wanai electric appliances not only has a good sales record of washing machines, but also has a good

    This type of Zhigao automatic washing machine adopts the original factory quality motor, which is powerful, safe and energy-saving. During the operation of the wave wheel, the clothes roll up and down, which can remove stubborn stains and clean clothes efficiently. Built in blue light and streamlined butterfly design can effectively wash deep dirt without damaging clothes. Imitating the function of high pressure water gun to clean the inner and outer wall of washing machine, it can reduce the re

  • Free hands, no longer worry about washing clothes - Zhigao automatic washing machine

    My mother-in-law always complains that washing clothes every time is like a war, which is tiring and time-consuming. This time, the automatic washing machine is also the brand of Zhigao. My mother-in-law should be satisfied with 100, but whether it can be washed clean or not, we will continue to look down

  • In the era of meager profit, price competition has become the "hidden rule" of ice washing

    In May, Chengdu's stall economy seemed to restart overnight. This was once the focus of urban management. It became a window for the official certification to promote the employment of 100000 people. Other regions of the country immediately followed suit and reached the battlefield. At the same time, the city's pyrotechnics returned, which showed that the methods to stimulate domestic demand were being relaxed, The rising unemployment rate, the decline of national income and consumption degradat

  • The implementation of new national standard for false face washing machine

    Over the functional era of washing machines, and gradually into the era of quality consumption, how to wash clean to wash healthy has become the new requirements of the majority of consumers on the washing machine market. The new national standard for washing machines, which reflects the new consumer demand, was officially implemented on October 1, 2018, focusing on the standardization of the industry. Lu Jianguo, deputy chief engineer of China Household Electrical Appliance Research Institute a

  • 618 observation: the market potential of water purifier needs to be further explored

    For the home appliance industry, the promotion in 618 is an important node. After novel coronavirus pneumonia has been under the control for nearly half a year, the industry needs a growth point to respond to the consumption level, and the 618 flag is in place. In the face of 618, water purifier manufacturers are also very generous in terms of gifts and discounts, and have high expectations for sales.

  • In the second half of 2020, the domestic clean drinking water industry will present these three deve

    In the twinkling of an eye, it is the end of June. The first half of 2020 is an unusual period for most industries, and the domestic clean drinking water industry is no exception. On the one hand, the sharp decline in offline sales has brought another blow to the water purifier market, which has already slowed down; on the other hand, the impact of the "housing economy" has led to a surge in national online purchasing power. Under the influence of the big environment, the big clean dri

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